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Zone 5300: De Kringlooprecensie
tekst: Liorah Hoek / beeld: Liorah Hoek
De Kringlooprecensie
Young Soul Rebels
Young Soul Rebels (Isaac Julien, UK)

In 1991, Julien made his feature film debut with the popular and groundbreaking YOUNG SOUL REBELS, chronicling the lives of young gay Black men in the London music scene. Moord, liefde, radiopiraterij, homoseksualiteit, racisme en vooral heel veel vette soulmuziek in een liefdevol portret van de Engelse working-class. een stoutmoedige poging tot verzoening tussen skinhead-cultuur en de zwarte cultuur middels een liefdesgeschiedenis tussen twee jonge mannen.

Zeer intrigerend is hoe de film de omwentelingen in de populaire cultuur in '77 uitbeeldt: vanuit het perspectief van de Black Soul-cultuur in plaats van het overheersend blanke arbeiders Punk Rock's also curiously uninvolving on an emotional level,I had to sit through a convoluted sub-plot featuring a murder mystery which appeared all of a sudden during the movie, a very gratuitous gay sex scene, and generally bad acting and direction. And when one character deceides to carry out his own murder investigation, I found it laughable.

The film raises several questions that it fails to answer. Why does the murdered boy TJ not know his killer, while his childhood friends Caz and Chris turn out to know him well? Why would anyone venturing into the furtive world of illegal and anonymous sex bring a ghetto blaster? Why is Cas, who seems so confident of his sexuality, so tortured by his feelings for Chris, TJ and Billy? Why does a black soul boy fall for a white punk rocker?Julien tends to make his characters a little too preachingly schematic on a political level. Everybody here represents a sometimes too patly defined point of view

Where the film really scores is in the beautifully judged soundtrack, which slips seamlessly between Junior Murvin, X-Ray Specs, Parliament and Slyvester. The music presents the period and its diversity far more effectively than the narrative's awkward social groupings and storylines.

(Substance abuse, profanity, sexual situations.)

ZA 24 15:30 CI2, DI 27 13:00 CI6

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